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MVCS Performing Arts

The performing arts hold a prominent position in school curriculums across California. It helps young minds develop their creative abilities and find new skills to excel at. This is why we firmly believe that art has the power to help students develop a new and deeper perspective about the world around them. Whether you are looking for music programs in California, drama programs in Gilroy, or a performing arts program in Morgan Hill, rest assured that you’ll find it all with us. Art is an important part of our curriculum. At Monte Vista Christian, we encourage students to unleash their feelings, thoughts, and ideas through middle school theatre in California and performing arts programs in Bay Area. Our middle school theatre in Santa Cruz and high school theatre in California help the students develop lifelong habits that pave the way for a successful future in arts. Throughout the academic year, our high school theatre in Santa Cruz and middle school theatre in Watsonville focuses on connecting students with their culture and the entire world. We motivate our learners to articulate stories through their body language and deliver breathtaking plays and musicals. Not only this, we aim to awaken your child’s creativity and imagination with our drama programs in California, music programs in Santa Cruz, and performing arts programs in Watsonville. You could also enroll your child in a suitable program for middle school theatre in Morgan Hill or Watsonville. This can be the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of theatrical performance.

We have designed our performing art programs in Santa Cruz, music programs in Morgan Hill, and drama programs in Watsonville to encourage students to seek their passions and hone their strengths. Our high school theatre in Santa Cruz and middle school theatre in Gilroy start with plays, musicals, and stage shows. We have included annual play production, musicals, and beginner theatre classes for our middle school theatre in San Jose. While for our high school theatre in Watsonville, we offer beginners, intermediate and advanced acting classes and help our students develop theatrical skills. If you are interested in our drama programs in Santa Cruz, we introduce you to all the professional theatre roles that range from acting, playwriting, and stage management to directing and designing. This helps students understand the magnitude of work that creates a striking theatre performance that baffles the audience. At Monte Vista Christian, the drama students integrate our teaching and their skills to use drama as a vehicle for self-expression. This is solely due to the remarkable teaching facility conducting the drama programs in Morgan Hill and drama programs in San Jose. Even if a student is enrolled in high school theatre in Morgan Hill, we help him/her understand the career path they are choosing and show them a clear picture of their future. The Theatre Arts Department at Monte Vista Christian also offers theatre arts pedagogy along with studio acting, scenic design, and dance fundamentals that encourage students to share their talents with the entire world.

When it comes to our music programs in Gilroy, we exercise our devotion to this craft and help students interpret the music of any kind. Ranging from vocal techniques, AP music theory to chamber choir and chorus, we help you refine your music skills and nurture them. Monte Vista Christian offers huge opportunities for music aspirants enrolled in high school theatre in Gilroy or middle school theatre in Bay Area. By leveraging these opportunities provided by our high school music program in Santa Cruz, you learn to compose, produce music, prepare for auditions and learn aural skills. When it comes to the middle school music program in Santa Cruz, our art studio prepares the students to find their musical preferences and explore their interests. Dedicated courses, including our music program in San Jose as well as the music program in Bay Area, prepare our students for future music excellence by exposing them to different music styles and genres. Monte Vista Christian offers a space to its students where they can aspire to become the best artists. So, if they are enrolled for a drama program in Bay Area or a performing arts program in Gilroy, we are completely dedicated to preparing the next generation of musicians, actors, and theatre artists. The students at Monte Vista Christian studying high school theatre in San Jose get well-rounded information that gives them a good head start in theatre arts. Even for the students enrolled in high school theatre in Bay Area, our goal is to equip them with all the skills and knowledge to follow their passion. With an outstanding team of professional artists, musicians, theatre directors, and designers, Monte Vista Christian enables its students to breathe life into their craft and shine.