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It seems that children start training for everything at a very young age these days, whether it be sports, academics, STEM, or performing arts. Sometimes it seems that if a child does not start training when they are in lower grades, that it will somehow be “too late” for them to begin something new when they get to middle school or high school. Not so with the top notch performing arts program at Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville, California. This Bay Area private school offers a middle school and high school theatre program that welcomes beginners, and trains them to become seasoned performers. The breadth of the visual and performing arts program is impressive, serving the beginner with limited or no experience, to challenging the seasoned student who wants to pursue their passions at the university level or professionally. This drama, music, and theatre program is offered to students starting in 6th grade, and continues on throughout high school, serving students who come from Watsonville, Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Santa Cruz, San Jose, and more. It is never too late for students to begin pursuing their passions for the performing arts, and at Monte Vista Christian School, each student’s talent is acknowledged, valued, and nurtured.